Blender Sci-Fi Remote Tutorial - Using Add-Ons

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Do you want to learn Blender with industry standard Hard Surface Add-Ons?
In this tutorial I'll show you how to create this Sci-Fi Remote from start to finish. I'll demonstrate my modeling process and cover how/where I use add-ons like BoxCutter, HardOps, MESHmachine and MACHIN3tools. After we finished the model, I'll use DECALmachine to add details to the model.


You need to have basic knowledge of Blender but beginners should still be able to follow along easily. 

MACHIN3tools is FREE add-on, however, BoxCutter, HardOps, MESHmachine and DECALmachine are PAID add-on. 


  • BoxCutter, HardOps, MESHmachine and MACHIN3tools key features demo commentary

  • Modeling (Step-by-Step commentary)
  • Lighting and Materials (Step-by-Step commentary)
  • DECALmachine Basics (Step-by-Step commentary)
  • Detailing using DECALmachine
  • The final Sci-Fi Remote model will be included as well.


I'll use the Decal pack I created during the detailing process but it's not necessary. You can still use the basic decals that came with DECALmachine. If you are interested in my decal pack and want to support my work, here is the LINK to the product.

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Blender Sci-Fi Remote Tutorial - Using Add-Ons

19 ratings
I want this!